An Ancient Craft

Hedgelaying is an ancient craft and form of hedge management used to create a living fence. A hedgerow left to its own accord will eventually grow upwards and outward and in the end become a long line of trees,producing gaps and no longer secure for stock.

Laying a hedge involves partly cutting through the upright stems of the hedging plants so that they can be bent over at an angle,these being the pleachers. These continue to grow and develop new vertical shoots, the hedge becomes thicker again and gaps are eliminated creating a living barrier.The stumps of the stems are are cleanly cut, this will regrow from the established root system and eventually be the future stems to be laid in years to come.

 Hedgelaying promotes the regeneration of a hedge from the base, where it is needed to remain thick and healthy and therefore stock proof.  This will stop gaps appearing and will prolong the life of the hedge indefinitely. A well laid hedge is impenetrable for sheep and cattle and also a great wildlife habitat. Work is undertaken in Winter when the sap is down.


  • The hedge needs to be seen prior to quoting, prices can range from £10 to £25 per metre. Please call to arrange a site visit.
  • Stakes-In bundles of twenty are £25 per bundle and they can be sold individually.
  • Binders-Again in bundles of twenty are £20 per bundle; please specify willow, hazel or mixed. Hael binders are in short supply, however orders may be accommodated if ordered early in the Autumn.