Living Willow


Living Structures

In the last ten years there has been a phenomenal growth in these wonderful willow structures, Underwood Crafts has constructed a wide range of functional and attractive structures from Bowers through to ‘Fedges’, to Domes using living willow in a variety of colours. Often working with communities and schools, everbody joining to help plant and weave.

The willow, which has been harvested from my own willow beds on an organic farm in Derbyshire, is planted and woven to create beautiful living structures. I can either supply the willow for you to plant or can construct the project myself. Living Willow Rods can be supplied individually or in bundles in a variety of sizes-from 12" cuttings throught to 14' structural rods.

Living Willow are planted from January through to March, simple to construct and easy to maintain. Underwood Crafts can provide you with designs or assist you with your own design. In addition, mulch matting and tying tube can also be supplied to provide you with a complete kit

I also provide maintenance advice and offer a follow-up maintenance service.



  • Living Willow Rods-Primarily green Viminalis, colours can be added to create mixed bundles. Only available between January and March

Up to 6'-50p each, 6'~7' in length - 65p each,7'~8' - 85p each, 8'~9' - £1.20 each and 9'+ are £1.60

  • Hurdle Willow-Either Salix Triandra or Vimanalis/Triandra Cross

A bundle is £30~rod lengths are 7'-9'