Useful Yurts

Yurts are ideal for many different purposes and some of the yurts I have created have been for Receptions, Family Camping Trips, Workshop Spaces, Spare Rooms and Children’s Playhouses

Yurt Inspiration

I lived in a Kyrgyz Yurt through a beautiful summer and chilly English Winter just prior to starting Underwood Crafts. I feel the beautiful structure and the heritage it contained inspired me to venture into traditional woodland crafts.  These lightweight portable circular structures are energising and easy to erect and pack away.  Too warm and you can roll the sides up and when winter sets in, you can spend many an evening around the cosy wood burner which will keep the yurt warm throughout the night. 

Yurts for Hire

If you would like to add a unique twist to your party or celebration Underwood Crafts also provides Yurt Hire throughout the year. Two sizes of Yurt are available for hire a 16' and 20' diameter and come with a pvc groundsheet. These are available, with or without a wood-burning stove, for purchase or hire on a daily, week-end or weekly basis, including transportation to site, assembly and disassembly.